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Swing Intensive

Train like a pro.

A complete dance journey For the Lindy hop community.

We often believe that if we learn enough steps then natural movement will emerge in our dance practice. After all it's natural to assume that if i keep doing what got me this far then i will continue to grow, unfortunately this is not the case. To unlock the effortless style, connection and rhythm that epitomises Vernacular Jazz  dance then we need to cultivate a practice which addresses every area of our movement. We need to dance, not just execute steps. 

In the professional dance world dancing is addressed systematically. Professionals develop fundamental technique, repertoire, style and creativity alongside one another. 

Swing Intensive was created by Lana Williams; a professional dancer and Lindy hopper. With a love of vernacular Jazz styles, Lana, alongside Ezra Weil, Theo Alade and Sam Hague, realised that the training opportunities available to other Lindy Hoppers in the international festival community would, alone, not bring the quality of dance that people desired. 

So Swing Intensive was created.

Swing Intensive brings professional training to the world of Lindy Hop. It is not a swing festival with parties at night and classes during the day. It is an immersive experience, culminating in weekend and week long intensive dance camps. 

Swing intensive's online platform allows you to prepare from home, shaping your body and preparing your mind with drills and exercises that mean that when you arrive on the day you are ready to train like a pro. 

Swing Intensive does not need you to have any particular level of dance, but it does require you to bring an active mind to the learning processes. You must be willing to explore new approaches to old movements. It is not a regular swing festival class. It is a place to come and study vernacular Jazz.


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Immersive workshops

Swing dance workshops that will take you to the next level!

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Train with professionals

Swing Intensives crew brings the best of circus, stage and t.v performance. We develop through play so don't always take ourselves too seriously, But we love our craft.

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Prepare from

Arrive ready to rumble by taking a prep course. the courses work on physical conditioning, physiology and movement.

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Meet the instructors.
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Lana williams.

Working for 16 years professionally in TV, film and theatre. Over 15 years experience teaching and performing Lindy hop at International and UK festivals, in closed workshops and in professional dance colleges.

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Sam Hague.

Over 20 years experience as a performer. A formidable force in the London swing community. A swing dancer and teacher with keen interest in developing stronger, fitter and healthier bodies for dance.  

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Ezra Weill.

A circus performer at the highest level. A contemporary mover in every way! A stylistic swing dancer with incredible skill. Bringing the highest quality of professional training to teaching. 

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Theo Alade.

Trained actor, dancer, martial artist. A true performer and athlete who brings the highest level athleticism to Lindy hop. Dancing and teaching swing, for many years, within communities and youth projects.  


Meet the instructors

Meet the instructors


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