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Prepare your body

Prepare your body

Our bodies function as a whole. When we move walk it is not just our legs that move, our arms swing, our shoulders shift and our brain processes the movement in such a way that we don't notice our visual fields shifting. The mechanics of the human body are never limited to the appendage that executes the task. Everything is connected, so when prepare our bodies to dance we must address the whole system in a systematic way. Injuries don't usually come from mistakes, they come from imbalances. When we consistently double down on our strengths we are putting more and more pressure on our weaknesses. 

Prehab is the practice of working through your body to locate it's weaknesses and imbalances and to gradually develop balance in these areas. Making you an overall better mover.



It's been a while since we have been able to dance, so it's likely our bodies need some reminding of how to balance, hop and pivot. Swing Intensive is designed to remind your body of what it is capable of doing so that we can dance without injury and reach the best of our ability in class. 

It's not long till your Lindy Hop workshop begins, so I would advise performing a warmup twice a week if you are able. The intense warmup will get you sweating, but if you are not able to due to injury then you can take the gentle warmup instead. 

At Swing Intensive, we are as passionate about the evolution and future of vernacular jazz movement as we are in teaching the history, origin and culture of this dance. 

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