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The Air Step Weekend

The Air Step weekend


The Lindy Weekend - Airsteps

All our Air steps courses follow a class structure that creates a safe zone to explore the exciting world of the Lindy Hop….upside down! 



This course has a progressive learning style which allows students to visit the basics of acrobatic movement (designed specifically for the demands of Lindy hop Air steps, from both a base and flyers perspective). It will also teach you how to apply these new techniques to your advanced aerials... when you're ready!

This course is perfect not only for the fit and healthy “Air step beginner” but also for anyone looking to build or enhance the technique and quality of their Air steps alongside their overall strength, endurance and flexibility. 

With assistant teachers and limited numbers we are able to offer one to one, instruction, coaching and spotting - if needed. Perfect for those who sometimes feel nervous... we've got your back - literally! 

Warm ups & Drills

As with all Swing Intensive workshops, the day will begin with a stretch and strengthening warm-up, designed to enhance technique and alignment for the day ahead. 


We then begin working on individual drills. Here dancers will learn the fundamentals of acrobatic movement specific to the Air steps being taught. These solo fundamental acrobatic and movement drills will further enhance your mobility, body awareness, proprioception, strength, speed and flexibility.  Special emphasis, throughout this course, is given to moving from a physiologically sound basis, in order to prevent injury and make the most of your abilities. 

You will then progress to learning the foundation skills in basic partnering, together with your partner you will explore exercises that will assist your training in areas such as your confidence, balance, trust, timing and efficiency of movement. 


Air Steps.

You will be taught three classic Air steps, one the course of two days. The emphasis is on mastery over execution. Lindy Hop Air steps should be a continuation of the dance, not a separate acrobatic trick, this is as important as learning the Air steps themselves and provides the framework for our course. 


On day 1 you will learn the specifics of each individual Air step in isolation to the dance. We will teach you each Air steps in a step by step structure, allowing for individual teaching attention every step of the way. With an understanding of the mechanics of each Air steps you will better equip to continue practicing safely after the weekend course. 


On day 2 you will continue to practice your Air Steps before we start working with you on blending your Air steps seamlessly into the dance. We will teach Lindy Hop sequenced entrances and exits for each Air step. 


This course really does offer you the complete Air step journey for Lindy Hop.


Pre Course Program  

A Pre Airsteps Program will be offered to all course attendees, starting the first week in January. These live warm-up/conditioning classes will be the perfect to get your body in shape for this course and for 2023.  

Meet your teachers;

Sam Hague, is a specialist teacher, who’s background in circus and Lindy provides the perfect combination for teaching airsteps.

"We have taken some of the best drill practices from partner acrobatics in circus training to create interesting and fun activities, all designed to get the best out of you, your partnership and your Air steps". - Sam Hague


Theo Alade, is a professional dancer and performance Lindy Hopper with over two decades of experience. With a background in Capoeira & Martial Arts, Theo is attuned to the physicality of acrobatics and body mechanics. A great teacher and performer - Theo knows what it takes to achieve airsteps safely and efficiently (8 shows a week if necessary). 


"He (Theo) also throws the best 'Round The Back' I have ever had the pleasure of flying" - Lana 

Lana Williams, professional dancer, pro Lindy Hopper, and social swing dancer lover. Lana has led the professional Lindy Hop way in the UK for over 17 years. Working extensively in Theatre, T.V and Film, Lana knows precisely what it takes to be on top of your game, on the ground or in the air. Exploding onto the scene at 22years old performing 'Hellzapoppin' at Frankie 95, Lana hasn't stopped. Teaching, educating, performing and always continuing to learn, she has been honing her skills to be able to offer the highest quality of Lindy Hop training. 

Taught and mentored by Ryan Francois, Lana's approach to airsteps is safety, efficiency with powerful dynamics. A methodical approach that promotes mastery over simple execution.  


"Train like a pro" - Lana Williams    


Further information


All our air-steps venues offer a fully sprung floor and safety equipment including; high impact crash mats, low impact crash mats and harness (if required). 


*You must book with a partner. We operate a fixed partner system throughout this workshop.

*You must be relatively fit and healthy. 



Health and Fitness Guide 

Although we don’t audition or pre select attendees based on physical ability, for the physical nature of this course we state that attendees must have adequate general fitness necessary for this course. As experienced teachers, specialised in acrobatics and high impact training, we have designed the pace of this course to allow participants to stay fit and healthy throughout.

London, The National Venue for Circus Arts, N1.
18th - 19th March 2023 - The Lindy Weekend - Airsteps
Full Price £150 per person.

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