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Immersive training.

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It’s time to challenge yourself with our Lindy ‘Flow' weekend. 


This is for dancers who understand the fundamentals but find that they sometimes get hesitant on the dance floor. Perhaps when dancing with an intimidating dance partner, or perhaps freezing when entering jam circles, or as the tempo increases. Lindy Hop flow is a course designed to give you the tools to enter into flow state.


Flow is all about finding the balance between control & relaxation. We often find ourselves becoming tense and small as we execute advanced moves. The Lindy Hop flow course teaches you how to enter into a state of confidence and relaxation via connection and then maintain that effortless sense of ease while dancing at an advanced level.


  • You will learn

    • How to connect with any partner, whether they are stiff or loose and in the process how to let go of your own tension

    • How to enter into a state of relaxed control (aka Flow state) at will.. a calm yet confident energy on the dance floor.

    • How to maintain this flow state while dancing athletically or to more advanced and complex combinations.

    • You will also learn the mechanics of fundamental lindy hop movements 

    • You will learn about Vernacular jazz history.

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The Lindy hop weekend: Airsteps

Information Coming Soon!