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Immersive training.


The Lindy weekend:

Get ready to start flying in 2023!


It's time to learn and master those Lindy Hop Airsteps.

Impress in jam circles, competitions, performances or just for a personal goal! 


This two day intensive training workshop has been specifically designed to teach you three Lindy hop Airsteps. The emphasis is on the mastery of these Airsteps so they are ready to be performed on completion of the course. Not only will you learn to propel your Airsteps dynamically with style and finesse, you will also learn to perform these skills safely and confidently, whether for a Jam circle, competition, performance or simply for personal achievement.

Learn: 2 Classic Airsteps and 1 Contemporary. 

(We also specialise in teaching airsteps to same role partnerships. Lead/lead, follow/follow or Switch).

Teachers: Lana Williams and Sam Hague

Assistant Teacher: Theo Alade  ​

Date: 18th - 19th March 2023

London - The National Center for Circus Arts.

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