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you are leading and following, but are you really dancing?

Lindy Hop is Jazz, Jazz is Lindy Hop. They are one and the same. Jazz will unlock your individuality in this dance whilst rooting you to the origins of the genre. You can achieve both - but you must work towards it".


That journey can start here.

If you were to film yourself social dancing, and then digitally remove your partner, would your movements still look like dance?

This weekend course has been specifically structured to work on you as a whole dancer - whether you consider yourself more of a social partner dancer or solo Jazz dancer. Ultimately - Dancing is dancing.



If you can find the freedom of rhythm and self in your dancing, even while executing the most challenging Lindy Hop movements, then you are well on your way to understanding what Jazz is all about.


" Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances. "



Maya Angelou.

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Solo Jazz Track.

Within the solo jazz track we will work on the quality of your dance movements. We will look at techniques that will not only improve your solo dance but also your partner dancing, via your footwork and body movements, as well. We will explore how your body naturally wants to move - there is not just one way to dance lindy hop or jazz, but in order to find the way that best suits you, you need to understand your body and how it wants to naturally move.

We will work on…

  • Vernacular Jazz movement.

  • Propulsive rhythms and syncopations in footwork.

  • Classic and authentic Jazz steps.

  • Quality of ones personal movement within dancing.

Course structure

Partner Lindy Hop Track.

We will be working on fundamental movements of lindy hop. Looking at the techniques that will make your dancing more technically sound and efficient. We will be focus on your partnering and your individual movement. Working with a variety of concepts, steps and yes speeds - from slower Lindy movements to faster social tempos.


This weekend course has been specifically structured to work on you as a whole dancer - whether you consider yourself a Social (partner) Dancer or a Solo Jazz Dancer - dancing is dancing.

Date: 27th and 28th August - Bristol.


Morning: 2 hrs Solo Jazz,

1 hr lunch

Afternoon: 3 hours partner Lindy Hop



£99.00 Solo & Partner tracks (10 hrs of class)

£45.00 Solo track (4 hrs of class)

£70.00 Partner Lindy Hop track (6 hrs of class)



What level should I be to take this course?

Although the course is pitched toward the intermediate and advanced dancer, I always believe that it is your attitude to learning that is the most important feature. Not how long you have been dancing.

How will you work with different levels of ability?


I enjoy working with mixed levels of ability. I have had over sixteen years teaching experience across many genres teaching

mixed level classes. I teach concepts within movement. Where appropriate I will tier jazz movements according to ability. As long


as you are here to focus on your jazz, you are welcome.

What if I struggle to pick up choreography?


Choreography is only one aspect of dance and dance practice. Some of the best natural dancers I know struggle to pick up


choreography quickly. This has no bearing on your ability to dance.


What I do to balance this within a class, is send out any large choreographies in advance, to give those who need extra time to


process the steps that opportunity. This means that when we are in the class we can focus on the details of improvement and not


just picking up the steps.

Do I need to do both the Solo Jazz and Lindy Hop classes to attend the course?




All are welcome. Leads / Follows / Switch dancers / solo bookings and partner bookings.

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