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10 weeks training
- Bristol 
solo jazz & Lindy Hop

10 weeks

Classes start Friday 26th January 2024

Your journey starts here.

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Swing Intensive, is offering you the opportunity to join our 10-week course in Solo Jazz and/or Lindy Hop!

Every Friday from 6pm. Bristol. 


This 10-week course will help you take your dancing skills to the next level, regardless of your current experience. We will start with the fundamentals in both genres before building on them to reach intermediate and higher concepts and movements. The course is designed to help you achieve results through hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude. Seasoned dancers and improvers alike will be challenged and have fun advancing their skills over the 10 weeks. Our goal is to see you succeed.


£12.00 - Single class price

£20.00 - for both classes on the same night. 

£99.00 - for full course (one class)

£170.00 - for full course (both classes)


*Please pay cash or card on the day. 

(further discount for full time students - please enquire)


Venue: St Francis Centre. Southville, BS3 1JP

Solo Jazz: With Lana Williams

(6pm - 7.30pm)

1.5 hours per class 

Lindy Hop: With Lana Williams & David Zilka (7.30pm - 9pm)

1.5 hours per class


- Do i have to sign up for the full 10 weeks?

No. You can attend on a weekly, drop in, basis  However we strongly recommend attending the full ten weekly sessions to get the most out of the course. We have designed a syllabus to take you through a technical and creative progressive journey for your dancing. Each week we will be looking at another important aspect of your dancing. Whilst classes will not be continuous, they will follow a structure that will build upon one another.  

- Can i chose to do both Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz? 

Yes. You can join us for one or both classes. 

- What level should i be to attend these classes?

Your work ethic and desire to learn are more important to us than your current level of dancing. We have many years of experience in teaching a variety of abilities. These classes will progress quickly and are designed for those who feel that they are ready to take on higher level concepts and techniques to improve their current dancing. If in doubt contact us directly to discuss your level. 

- I haven't done Solo Jazz before but i've always wanted to try. Is this the right course for me?

This course is about the quality of your movement. Dancing Jazz is about dancing with your entire body - not just your feet!

Our approach to teaching Solo Jazz is to break down the fundamentals of jazz movement. Starting from the very beginning, we want to get you truly dancing, not just executing steps. This is a process that only works by building up your knowledge, confidence and experience week by week. We will take you on a complete solo jazz journey that will get you to understand not just Jazz dance but yourself as a dancer. Lana has over 20 years teaching experience, from beginners to professionals - You are in safe hands.  


What level should I be to take this course?

Although the course is pitched toward the intermediate and advanced dancer, I always believe that it is your attitude to learning that is the most important feature. Not how long you have been dancing.

"Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances"

- Maya Angelou

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